{Living Social Justice} | Green Cleaning Agents

Tired of dried-out skin? Tired of feeling sensory-overloaded by artificial additives in everything? Tired of paying for the major ingredient in the stuff you spend all your money on to be water?  I definitely got to the point where I was sick of all of the extra chemicals and watered-down properties in the beauty, hygiene, […]

To Love Others, Love Yourself First

Pleasers Women are usually socialized early on in their development to please others. “Nurture,” “giving,” “sharing,” and “beauty” are traditionally held as feminine qualities; going against the grain of these ideals will get you in trouble. If you stand up for yourself and say, “No, I don’t want to do that,” “No, that’s not safe,” […]

Struggling with Suicidal Thoughts?

For all of those who may be struggling out there today, I wanted to share my story with suicidal thoughts and how I dealt with a year and a half of turbulent health, emotional states, and severe psychological stress. Suicidal thoughts affect members of every people group – every ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, gender identity, […]

{Stop Harassment – & Save Yourself Some Heartache!} | Why Does Harassment Happen?

Harassment happens for a variety of reasons: A lack of education about gender expression, similarities, capabilities, and differences, on the part of the harasser A lack of education about what harassment can look like to someone else Poor communication skills between the harasser and the survivor of the harassment An assertion of dominance or control […]

{Stop Harassment – & Save Yourself Some Heartache!} | How Can Harassment Manifest?

The following is referenced by a book written by two attorneys who advocate for women’s rights in the workplace. This is a summary of the different ways that harassment can manifest in the workplace and which kinds of harassment qualify as sexual harassment (using sex – or even gender identity – as a factor in […]

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