{Strategy} | Active Note-Taking Strategy With Detailed Examples

You can use your bullet journal to take notes that are easy to review later. In this article I explain and show examples of a technique I’ve developed (one of many) for effective note-taking and synopsis. It only requires simple access to a photocopier, pens, paper, and a highlighter while you read. Here’s a copy […]

{Strategy} | Mindset Shift From Scarcity to Abundance

The lens through which we view life determines how we will view choices. If we come from an empowered perspective, where we believe that we already have everything that we need to succeed, then we will get much more accomplished than if we come from a disenfranchised (or “victim”) point of view. Ultimately, regardless of […]

{Strategy} | Best Jobs to Promote Fit Lifestyle

Concerned that obesity, cancer, and disease are fated in your future? Here’s a simple solution! Research has shown that too much sitting has been linked with diabetes, heart disease, and premature death (Corliss. Harvard Medical School). By default Americans are spending more and more time tied to cell phones, computer screens, and cars to get […]

{Strategy} | The Mary Kay Way of Business Leadership

Mary Kay Ash started a business in the 60s after she retired from a career in sales. She had been a working woman supporting three children. Although she didn’t necessarily know at first that she wanted to sell skin care and makeup products, she did know that there were many ways to improve on the […]

{Strategy} | Rory Vaden’s Focus Funnel

Check out Rory Vaden’s step-wise, research-backed technique for strategic time management. Vaden talks about the importance of including not only “efficiency” and “priority” but also “impact/lasting relevance” as criteria for assessing what you should be spending your time on first. This is called thinking like a “time multiplier.” In order to do any of what […]

{Living Social Justice} | March For Our Lives

On Valentine’s Day, 2018, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 students at Parkland High School in Florida (NYTimes, National Public Radio, NBC News. Cruz had been expelled the year prior for disciplinary reasons. The FBI admitted knowing about his threatening and alarming posts on Twitter and on YouTube, though they did nothing to follow […]

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