{Stop Harassment – & Save Yourself Some Heartache!} | Why Does Harassment Happen?

Harassment happens for a variety of reasons: A lack of education about gender expression, similarities, capabilities, and differences, on the part of the harasser A lack of education about what harassment can look like to someone else Poor communication skills between the harasser and the survivor of the harassment An assertion of dominance or control […]

{Stop Harassment – & Save Yourself Some Heartache!} | How Can Harassment Manifest?

The following is referenced by a book written by two attorneys who advocate for women’s rights in the workplace. This is a summary of the different ways that harassment can manifest in the workplace and which kinds of harassment qualify as sexual harassment (using sex – or even gender identity – as a factor in […]

{Stop Harassment – & Save Yourself Some Heartache!} | How to Write a Convincing Cease & Desist Letter

In case you needed a reminder: you don’t owe anyone anything. You are your own boss. And that means that you are the boss of everything in your own life – your body, your opinions, your means of expression, your interpretations of events, how you learn, what you want and refuse to do (sexually, physically, […]

Additional Resources for Confidence Crash Course

If you’re visiting this article without preface, please refer to the Confidence Crash Course for more context. 1.     Heidi Grant Halvorson, PhD. “How To Manage The Thoughts You Just Can’t Shake.” 2.     Timothy A. Pychyl, PhD. “Why Are You So Impulsive?” 3.     Ian Zimmerman, PhD. “What Motivates Impulse Buying?” 4.     Psychology […]

Crash Course in Confidence (Self-Esteem)

**Disclaimer #1: Although these resources are helpful, I am NOT a mental health professional. This article DOES NOT constitute medical or professionally-vetted mental health advice. Please discuss this activity/crash course with a professional.** **Disclaimer #2: This article is a curated set of sources. I may not have completely paraphrased the articles, but I cite the […]

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