About Us

LikeAFemmeBoss.com was started in January 2017 as a productivity & wellness resource in a pro-womyn space! We provide free research-backed tips, techniques, strategies, and products to help you live life #likeafemmeboss!

We are social activists and we work to make our site supportive, applicable, educational, and uplifting to all!

Meet the Founder | Hannah Stringfellow


Hi, Babes! I got my M.S., Chemistry from UC, Berkeley in December 2016. That program was grueling, and even in the historically most progressive city in the U.S. I was unknowingly subjected to various forms of gender discrimination. Upon reflection I realized that many of the challenges I faced could be directly attributed to the gendered socialization I grew up with and how it had given me some significant disadvantages in personal agency and self-promotion. I decided to adopt and integrate new skills and strategies to bridge the gaps I had had in that program.

Now, in the age of #MeToo, I promote and curate the active strategies I use so that you too can overcome the disadvantages often caused by growing up with gendered stereotypes. My aim is that you can adopt these strategies before you are confronted with gendered challenges that happen in the university setting and afterward. Or, if you’re currently dealing with these types of struggles, you will have a supportive community to lean on as you work through them. If you’re tired of being treated like a piece of meat, this resource is for you! If  you’re feeling discouraged from pursuing STEM careers because you feel that it misaligns with your gender presentation and/or gender identity, this resource is also for you! If you’re tired of the mansplainer sitting next to you in lecture who hogs the professor’s attention and interrupts, then this resource is for you!

Together, we will develop the outspoken yet empathetic confidence we need to overcome centuries of patriarchal abuse, putdowns, and intimidation tactics! Feel inspired, get focused, and let’s live life #likeafemmeboss!