Update on Job Applications

Though you might have seen my previous post mentioning my ideological resistance to making “the next greatest lipstick,” I’ve actually had a bit of a change of heart. My friend from undergrad reached out to me when she heard that the hiring manager from Mary Kay was looking for a chemist who was already living out in the DFW Area.

Why was I amenable to investigating this position further? When I heard about Mary Kay I was really interested in learning about the company’s philosophy. Here’s the company’s backstory:

Mary Kay has always been a progressive company. It was started in the 1960s by a woman named Mary Kay Ash, an aspiring entrepreneur (read: #femmeboss!) and a divorcee in an era when divorces were still very taboo and unheard of. Mary Kay was a proponent of the Golden Rule – treating others honestly, fairly, and as you’d want to be treated in return. As a result she built an extremely successful makeup business that has employed thousands of woman over the decades (filling personable roles such as “beauty consultant”) and has worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of its employees.

Mary Kay Ash, a fellow Femme Boss!

Source: Emaze Web site

Mary Kay also understood way back in the 1980s that all of this industrial progress would take a toll on the environment and would potentially leave her and her employees’ progeny in a lurch. Thus she very progressively decided to take action to reduce the environmental footprint of her cosmetics company for years to come. The company now has four zero-waste facilities worldwide and has an extensive recycling program. Her packing materials are post-consumer recycled or are made from sustainable feedstocks such as potato starch and corn starch. The company has also decided to do safety testing using alternative means than the traditional animal testing methods – except as required by US law.

The hiring manager contact me the other day about an interview – and I got hired on the spot! Although I gave my best #femmeboss effort to negotiate my salary upwards, because it was contracted work the salary unfortunately was not negotiable.

I’m looking forward to start my new career next week! This is a 6-to-12 month contract, so I’ll definitely have to do another job search again soon after starting at Mary Kay. I was amazed that after putting in only about 30 job applications I had received this Mary Kay offer as well as a contract position working for the EPA. It was a stressful couple of days reviewing offers and making a decision based on the choices I had available to me, but I’m actually really glad I’ll still have a much more manageable salary (to the tune of $20/hr) with the Mary Kay position than as a Data Entry Clerk.

I’ll keep you updated as to how my career unfolds. Right now this seemed like the best move because money gives you more agency for more decisions down the line. Also, I want to keep my technical skills as a chemist and critical thinker up, so working on chemistry-oriented projects at Mary Kay seemed like a better career move for the moment. I can use those skills as I’m studying for my Electrical Engineering Renewable Power Systems switch in the next couple years. For now, stability is everything to me.

Hannah Stringfellow is a freelance blogger and world traveler. She holds an M.S., Chemistry, from the University of California, Berkeley. Her interests include women’s empowerment, health and wellness, and cross-cultural competency.


Author: Rozalyn Davis

I’m a sustainability and productivity vlogger. Check out my YouTube channel and Web site for more! 😘😘, babes.

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