How to Use the Law of Attraction To Your Advantage

“Law of attraction” is thrown around often, but it’s not just another pop-culture buzzword. This article sheds light on how to use the law of attraction to improve your life.

What is the Law of Attraction (LOA)?

The law of attraction is the idea that you naturally attract certain experiences, things, and attitudes into your life based on what you choose to focus on. The metaphysical explanation is that, regardless of your life circumstance, be it age, religious creed, or nationality, we are all susceptible to Universal laws. This Universal law is said to make use of the power of the mind to manifest your thoughts into your reality over time.

If this explanation sounds a little hokey to you, don’t worry. You don’t have to subscribe to the pseudoscience behind the law of attraction in order for it to still work in your favor.

In my personal experience I started using LOA back in November 2016. I was stressed, frazzled, and not sure what I wanted to start doing with my life. However, I could envision some mental images of what success, happiness and calm looked like to me.

How do you use LOA?

Our subconscious and conscious attitudes reel in the same “energies” (moods, feelings, energy levels, relationships, and experiences) that we put out into the world around us everyday. Without checking ourselves, we can easily send out thoughts and attitudes we don’t actually want to send out, and then we will receive more of these undesirable events and emotions in our lives.

While this may sound scary at first, don’t worry! It’s awareness about how this works that allows you to start using it to your advantage. Start focusing consciously on the kinds of things you want to attract:

  • Success
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem and Self-agency
  • Wealth
  • Prosperity
  • Abundance
  • Good health
  • Solid, reliable, and happy relationships
  • Adventures
  • Independence
  • Feelings of happiness, contentment, grounding, and gratitude

Basically, you have to “fake it till you make it.”

Psychological basis

What does that mean on a psychological level? Psychological research has shown that making positive, conscious statements throughout the day, such as “I am…,” “I choose…,” “I do [something] well,” keeps you rooted in the present tense of your daily experience and keeps you from focusing too much on the past (which, in excess, can lead to depression) or on the future (which, when fully distended, leads to anxiety disorders).

The practice of staying present with yourself in a positive, nurturing way takes time and deliberate effort to become a habit. It may take you months before you are doing this correctly.

Another key feature of “faking it till you make it” is using visualization, affirmations, and meditation to your advantage.

Visualize your goals

To combat my worries about my future as a “pathetic, unemployed, anxiety-ridden, depressed chemist,” I chose to make a vision board made solely out of pins I had found on Pinterest. I chose pins that showed the following images:

  • a woman dressed in beautiful, savvy business attire
  • a girl with long, blond, curly hair in blue jeans enjoying a view of the mountains
  • a happy girl pouring coffee with the caption “11 morning habits that will transform your life”
  • hundreds of dollar bills in rolls
  • two people kissing

What did these images mean to me? I positively imagined my best self doing great things like securing a paid position in a respectable field, traveling out to see the mountains on the US East Coast, adopting a new morning routine that promoted both efficiency and sufficient self-care, starting an online business that would be profitable, and finding a new significant other after my recent breakup.

It’s now April 2017. While I was overwhelmed and fearful about my uncertain future in November 2016, I started to work consciously towards the goals on my vision board. I am already happily doing the following:

  • I have an interview for a teaching position next week!
  • I’m making strides in a certificate program that will certify me to teach even though I didn’t originally pursue an education degree at university or grad school
  • While I had no income, my friends in Virginia offered to buy me a ticket to fly out to see them and go camping. I didn’t even have to ask. And I didn’t even have to ask about going camping either! These opportunities were just offered to me.
  • I am now writing this blog and have set up an affiliate marketing business
  • I now have a significant other who is incredibly sweet!

(Can’t wait to update you further on these developments as they unfold!)

This kind of vision board didn’t really require any artistic ability, just conscious effort to find images of things and ideas that inspired me! I had to know the reasons why I wanted those images too, so that I could regularly process how I was doing on those ventures.

Example of travel vision board I found online
Example of a female artist’s vision board I found online

I also made to sure write down my goals in my Law Of Attraction Planner, and to write down my daily agenda in the form of actionable steps towards those large goals. Seriously! For the last three years, this planner has been a LIFESAVER! I’ve totally reworked and rewired my habits from self-destructive to incredibly productive, positive, and efficient. Writing these things down also lowered my floating feelings of generalized and social anxiety, giving me a sense of control over the obligations and people I had to meet that day.

Spend time with affirmations podcasts

YouTube has some really great podcasts that direct you to start thinking about, focusing on, and changing your unhealthy subconscious associations with things such as the following:


Creating a ritual of regularly monitoring your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations (a practice known as mindfulness meditation) will enable you to process how you’re doing while working toward the goals, experiences, and feelings you actually want to have in your life. It’s so simple, yet it takes effort to just “allow what is”! Sit calmly and focus on the space between your two nostrils. Observe the breath as it comes in and out. Observe your other bodily sensations as well. Your mind will wander, and that’s okay, because that’s just your brain doing what it’s so good at doing naturally – finding patterns and trying to rationalize and interpret stimuli. Each time it wanders, calmly and kindly (not critically!) direct it back to the task at hand – observing the breath.

I’ve actually really loved using the Omvana app for mindfulness meditation (it’s a free app!), and there are also free meditation resources offered by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. If you’ve managed to read this far in the article and are still skeptical about what I’m saying, UCLA is a highly-renowned Tier 1 research university. I would trust that they know what works.

The bottom line: LOA gives you the control to shape your own life and make it how you truly desire. This article has given you three techniques you can use to begin working with LOA. Don’t be afraid to dream big – and then take the right steps to make those dreams happen!



Rozalyn Davis holds an M.S., Chemistry, from the University of California, Berkeley, and a B.S., Chemistry, from Purdue University. Her interests include women’s empowerment, health and wellness, and environmental sustainability.


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I’m a sustainability and productivity vlogger. Check out my YouTube channel and Web site for more! 😘😘, babes.

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